As World Wailed Over Immigration Ban, Trump Made MASSIVE Cut to Gov’t Regulations

As World Wailed Over Immigration Ban Trump Made MASSIVE Cut to Govt Regulations

President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from seven countries with known terrorism problems is the issue du jour, with hourly news updates from airports where unruly, liberal protesters who have zero idea what Trump’s executive order pertains to are determined to protest it nevertheless.

Meanwhile, as the armies of the left gathered in front of departure boards across this great nation to protest … uh, something … Trump was signing an executive order that will have a much greater impact on the federal government — and the Democrats didn’t even notice.

According to The Associated Press, Trump signed an executive order Monday that would significantly reduce regulations on small businesses, requiring agencies to cut two regulations for every new one put on the books.

“This will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen. There will be regulation, there will be control, but it will be normalized control,” Trump said as he signed the order in the Oval Office, Reuters reports.

New regulations will still be reviewed by the White House Office of Management and Budget, as usual. However, in addition to the federal review — which we expect to be more stringent than it was under the Obama regime — the agencies would have to identify two regulations that would be nixed from the books to offset the costs of the new regulation.

“This vests tremendous power and responsibility in the OMB director to ensure the president’s direction in how we manage this across the government,” an official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Considering that creeping bureaucracy was one of the biggest — and most underreported — problems during the Obama years, Trump’s “one in, two out” executive order might be one of the biggest pieces of news from the new president’s first two weeks in office. This is something that’s not only good for American business, but American consumers as well.

And the Democrats completely missed it.

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