Worker Forces Lady To Wait Before Using Restroom… Moments Later, She Knows Sick Reason Why


On Sept. 7, a Los Angeles woman took a routine trip to a local Dollar Tree store to do some shopping. While in the store, she realized she needed to use their facilities and politely asked the store manager where they were located.

That’s when things got a little weird for Alexandria Sabori, who was shopping with her niece and her 10-year-old sister.

“Let me check that there’s toilet paper, and let me check that it’s nice and clean,” store manager Carlos Martinez reportedly told her.

After a few minutes, he came out of the restroom and told her it was okay to use, so she walked in. Upon entering, she noticed a stack of boxes and the top one, which was facing the toilet, had a small hole cut in it.

Following her gut instinct, Sabori looked inside and that’s when her “heart dropped,” she told  KTLA.

An iPhone with the camera in recording mode had been taped to the hole so that it could record her using the restroom:


She immediately exited the restroom and asked to speak to the store manager about the situation, which happened to be Martinez. So she left the store with her sister and niece and called the police.

According to Joe Gonzalez with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, deputies arrived and arrested Martinez. Sabori had taken pictures of the setup with her own phone, which provided valuable evidence.

“This could’ve been my niece instead of me,” Sabori said.

There’s no telling how many shoppers he secretly recorded and violated in the past, but thanks to Sabori’s curiosity, it won’t be happening anymore.

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