Women Boycott Nordstrom After Ivanka Snub

Women Boycott Nordstrom After Ivanka Snub

In one of the dozens of little side dramas playing out during the first few weeks of the Trump administration, the department store Nordstrom has stopped carrying Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.

Nordstrom painted the decision as purely a business move. The company claimed Ivanka’s fashion line wasn’t selling well, so they had to make room for other merchandise. However, this explanation wasn’t sitting well with many people who were now boycotting the store, Breitbart reported.

Many women have taken to social media to slam Nordstrom for punishing Ivanka because the company was afraid to stand up to political pressure — as well as for lying about why the fashion line was pulled from the shelves.

One woman who emailed Breitbart from Clifton, Virginia, summed up the anger and frustration succinctly.

“I’ve had enough of the pompous snobbery of the left and that it seeps through to our retail industry shows me a total lack of respect for the consumer and the patrons,” the woman wrote.

Observers of the retail market said Nordstrom’s move was clearly political.

“This is a classic example of a retailer making a decision based on their fear of standing up to political pressure — even on a limited scale. It was clear from their actions since last fall that Nordstrom would prefer to sell out to loud liberal groups who weren’t even regular Nordstrom consumers, just to avoid controversy,” an “industry insider” explained to Breitbart.

Feminists, meanwhile, have been strangely silent over the developments. You can bet anything that if a retail chain had stopped carrying a fashion line of Chelsea Clinton (if she had one) after her mother won the election in 2016 (if that had happened), the feminists would be tearing their clothes and hair over such an obvious expression of sexism.

However, because this is happening to a Republican woman, they simply shrug and turn their heads, or join in on the fun.

But Trump supporters are making their feelings known.

“I just cut up my Nordstrom platinum card as I refuse to waste thousands of dollars to support a company that mixes their politics with my fine shopping experience,” Linda DiPasquale, a New Jersey resident, wrote Breitbart in an email. “On the bright side … my husband will be THRILLED.”

Deb Chancler, a public relations executive and self-described “moderate Republican” in Washington called the Nordstrom decision ridiculous considering the current state of affairs in the country.

“I am disheartened to find this week, alongside riots and fires at Berkley in an effort to stop free speech, that Nordstrom decided to pull the Ivanka Trump lines from their stores,” she wrote in an email.

Given the outrage over what Nordstrom has done, the company’s little political stunt may end up hurting them more than it will hurt Ivanka.

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