Woman’s Posts Appear on Facebook After Her Death, Then Family Learns Husband Was Posing as Her

Womans Posts Appear on Facebook After Her Death Then Family Learns Husband Was Posing as Her

After strangling his wife to death, Orlando man George McShane Jr., 42, logged into her Facebook account and began posting updates to it so as to reduce suspicion and explain to others why she had stopped answering phone calls and text messages.

“I can’t believe I dropped my phone in the toilet,” he wrote in one update dated Jan. 7, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. “I’m such an idiot. Message me here, til I can get it fixed.”

Over time, the woman’s family grew more and more suspicious until, at last, they contacted authorities to share their concern that something tragic had occurred. They were right.

When authorities arrived at McShane’s home Tuesday to check on his wife, Kristen McShane, they found her lying dead on a bed in the master bedroom. As for McShane, he was reportedly found in the garage in his running car, apparently trying to kill himself via carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to local station WKMG, he was immediately taken into custody and interrogated, at which time he admitted that he had committed the murder Saturday during a fight in which he reportedly claimed he “lost his temper” and choked his wife to death.

McShane has since been charged with second-degree murder and domestic violence, battery by strangulation. He was being held without bond at the local jail.

What remained to be seen was what would happen to the couple’s 4-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. Kristen’s family started a GoFundMe page to raise money both for her funeral and for the kids’ future expenses.

“There are just no words that can explain the tragedy that has happened to a beautiful person as Kristen McShane,” one of the deceased mother’s friends reported wrote on Facebook. “I believe I can say that all persons that knew her (have) a sad heart! She was loved by all!”

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