Woman’s Father Allows Her Ex-Husband To Perform HORRIFIC Shariah Law Torture On Her

Womans Father Allows Her Ex-Husband To Perform HORRIFIC Shariah Law Torture On Her

One of the more brutal aspects of political Islam is Shariah law. Under Shariah law, women are treated as objects and the punishment for even minor offenses is often death or mutilation.

A particular gruesome aspect of Shariah law is honor killing, a practice that claims thousands of victims in the Middle East every year. Sky News reported that a Pakistani man has been arrested after he stood by and let his own daughter be raped and murdered by her ex-husband in yet another honor killing.

Initially police believed that Samia Shahid’s death was of natural causes. However, after her body was exhumed, it was revealed that she had been brutally raped and murdered.

After an investigation, police arrested her father, Muhammad Shahid, and her ex-husband, Choudhry Mohammad Shakeel, in connection with the brutal crime.

Samia had remarried, and her family wasn’t pleased by it. According to her second husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, the family lured her back into Pakistan by claiming that her father was near death.

Then the father oversaw the honor killing of his own daughter. Pakistani authorities were also seeking the extradition of Samia’s mother and sister from Britain.

This is one of the many aspects of political Islam that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and other liberals don’t want to talk about. Rather than accepting that there are brutal aspects to this particular religion, they prefer to call anyone who talks about it a racist.

Their ignorance continues to cost thousands of lives every year in the Middle East. Some of our “allies” in the region, like Saudi Arabia, do virtually nothing to stop the spread of radical Islam in the region.

It’s time for liberals to wake up and realize that there are problems with radical Islam, but there are also steps that can be taken to improve the lives of those who suffer under it.

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