Woman Won’t Dance with Refugee, He Tracks Her to Restroom and That’s Where the Assault Begins


Liberals in Europe and America have been insisting for the better part of a year that the refugees flooding into Europe pose no danger to the public but are simply peaceful people looking to escape the war-torn areas of the Middle East.

While many of these refugees undoubtedly are peaceful people, a significant number of them are not. The number of sexual assaults and other violent attacks seems to have spiked in various European countries since they began arriving.

For example, a woman was attacked at a nightclub in Hamburg, Germany, after she reportedly refused to dance with Moroccan asylum seeker, the U.K Express reported.

Rather than accept the rejection like a normal person, this refugee, who was 34, decided he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He followed the woman, who was not named by the report, into the club’s bathroom and then sexually assaulted her.

Shz, a local media source, reported that it was unclear why this asylum seeker was still in the country. He had entered in 2015, but had no permanent legal residency. He had also been convicted of several minor crimes.

The club in question, the 99-Cent Club, released a statement condemning the attack, Radio Hamburg reported. The statement they released perhaps summed everything up best with the words “idiots remain idiots.”

By simply allowing in thousands of refugees with minimum vetting, European authorities have put their own people in danger and forever changed the lives of people like this woman who have been viciously attacked by refugees.

We cannot allow the same thing to happen in America. President-elect Donald Trump has promised “extreme” vetting for those who want to enter this country, which should help to reduce the number of criminals who slip through to prey on innocent Americans.

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Source: conservativetribune.com