Woman Spots Odd Shiny Object In Field… Realizes She’d Just Solved Insane Mystery


Back in 2014, cultural historian Genevieve Cabrera was walking in a field in Saipan, an island in the Western Pacific, and spotted something that seemed out of place.

Pulling the metal object out of the ground, it turned out to be a dog tag that read “Pfc. Thomas E. Davis” — a dog tag that had been missing for 70 years.

While Davis was killed during World War II, it wasn’t on the island where she made the discovery.

It was the island of Saipan, though, where Davis performed an act of heroism that resulted in his being awarded the Silver Star. Davis had risked his life to save a fellow wounded soldier in the 27th Infantry Division.


It was another instance of heroism which eventually killed Davis. He had, once again, risked his life to save someone when a Japanese sniper ended his life.

This was approximately three weeks into the Okinawa invasion.


When Davis’ family received his body for burial they only received one dog tag. They never knew where the other one went until Cabrera’s discovery.

Cabrera turned the item over to the Japanese-based Kuentai, an organization that specifically tends to remains of warriors on the island of Saipan. They were eventually able to track down the Davis family and intended to deliver the 70-year-old dog tag to the family.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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