Woman Helps Homeless Middle Eastern Woman At Walmart… Then Feels Something Warm


On her way to Walmart, Jhazmhon Williams Lee noticed a family begging for money and decided to help them out.

She said on her Facebook post (which has apparently since been deleted) that after giving the mother $10, she felt an overwhelming feeling of warmth toward the Middle Eastern family, who appeared to be in desperate need of help.

Something came over Lee and she decided to go back to the family, ask them questions, and eventually brought the woman and child into the Walmart and treated them to a shopping spree.

Even though Lee was struggling to get by herself, she said that the $300 shopping trip for the young family was worth it.


“I don’t have a lot of money, but the money that I do have I would like to help her with it,” she said.

America is and always has been a place of equality, where people are bound together by freedom and the willingness to decide what the right thing is to do at the individual level — and the willingness to come together when needed in defense of those liberties.

Emotions are usually the strongest bond, and so this young American woman of African-American descent and her willingness to help a Middle Eastern family with little in common with her is as American a story as there is.


It’s not known how Lee paid for her shopping spree for the struggling family, but it is a reminder for us to do the right thing no matter what the consequence.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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