Woman Gets New Job, But Walks Out Moments Later After Boss Gives Brutal “Advice”

Woman Gets New Job But Walks Out Moments Later After Boss Gives Brutal Advice

A woman from Brazoria, Texas, got the surprise of her life after she was told by her new boss that her appearance might effect her earnings.

Crystal Harrington, 22, a home health aide by day, was looking for a way to earn some extra cash, so she decided to apply for a waitress job at Baytown Seafood in West Columbia.

Harrington got the job, but she claimed on a Facebook post that Mary Pruett, hiring manager for the restaurant, gave her some unsolicited advice about her future tips.

“While you might have a skinny waitress do a really crappy job she’s going to get the tips, whereas big girls like us, and she did say us and I don’t know why because she’s not my size.  She’s not big to me, big girls like us won’t get the tip,” she wrote.

Harrington believed the remarks were out of line and said she didn’t want to work for someone who was going to be that discouraging.

When asked about what she said to Harrington, Pruett said that she wasn’t rude at all.

“That is incorrect, what she has posted is incorrect. She was offered a job. Nothing was said about size because you have all sizes working here and I can’t determine what the customer is going to give in tips,” she said in an interview with KRIV.

While it appears no discrimination laws were broken, Harrington certainly believes Pruett was out of line and her remarks bordered on “fat-shaming” — and she wanted to let others know about it.

Whether you believe Harrington or Pruett, one thing is clear: Statements like this are discouraging and rude, and it’s difficult to imagine anyone accepting a job after hearing them.

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