Woman Who Dominated Jeopardy Dies Before First Show Airs


She was little, frail-looking and soft-spoken.

But for those of us who watch “Jeopardy!,” Cindy Stowell was an information powerhouse, a veritable walking encyclopedia.

For six days, Cindy kept winning, frequently by savvy wagering and often by pulling a rabbit out of her hat in Final Jeopardy.

WPIX reported that it was the science content developer’s dream to be on “Jeopardy!,” but she was concerned that her stage 4 colon cancer would prevent her from remaining alive during the time between her audition and the taping of the show. And yet, she won.

She shared her secret with a staffer, who arranged to get her appearance on the fast track. Cindy appeared on “Jeopardy!” only 3 weeks later, reported the U.K. Daily Mail.

Cindy taped four episodes on Aug. 31 with nausea and a fever, while taking painkillers for severe abdominal pain. The drugs delayed her reaction time, and she required help getting up the stairs to the set, according to The New York Times.

She was hospitalized for a blood infection, then returned to tape two more episodes in September. When it was all said and done, her winnings totaled $103,803.

Stowell had passed an online contestant test in early 2016. When she found out about her terminal diagnosis, she reached out to contestant producer Maggie Speak in Oklahoma City.

In her message, she wrote, “I just found out that I don’t have too much longer to live … If there is the chance that I’d be able to still tape episodes of ‘Jeopardy!’ … I would like to do that.”

Producers of the show sent advance copies to her hospital room so that Cindy and her family could enjoy them before she passed away. They also expedited payment of her winnings, all of which were being donated to cancer research charities, CBS News said.

The staff at “Jeopardy!” have set up a special memorial page for Cindy.

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Source: conservativetribune.com