Woman Breaks into Mar-a-Lago Club, Smears Bananas on Cars

Woman Breaks into Mar-a-Lago Club Smears Bananas on Cars

President Donald Trump has come under fire from liberals (and more than a few Republicans) for over a year now, some of whom have threatened Trump with violence.

Trump has also been subjected to the bizarre actions of mentally disturbed individuals who fixate on people with power. The latest bizarre occurrence was at his Mar-a-Lago club while he wasn’t there, WPTV reported.

Kelly Ann Weidman was arrested after she broke into the property on Friday, smeared bananas all over vehicles in the parking lot, moved some balloons from inside to outside and typed profanity on a computer.

“F—UTrumpB,” she wrote.

After she was arrested, Weidman claimed she had been “cyber attacked” and wanted to be arrested because no one would listen to her story.

There are probably easier ways to be arrested than smearing bananas on people’s cars and stealing some balloons, but we give her credit for originality.

The New York Daily News noted that Weidman had originally attempted to enter the resort by car on Friday morning but was turned away. She then walked onto the property later that same morning to commit her bizarre crime spree.

Weidman reportedly has worked for the U.S. Postal Service since 1999, the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reported. It is unclear whether this incident would result in her dismissal.

Her age was not immediately clear as of Tuesday morning. Some news services were reporting that she was 51, while others were reporting that she was 48. We suggest that she was old enough to know better in either case but that mental health issues might have been a factor.

This incident possibly was not politically motivated but was rather the result of Weidman suffering from some sort of mental breakdown.  Why else would someone hide balloons in bushes and smear bananas on people’s cars?

Then again, considering what liberal activism has looked like since the ’60s, who can say?

Hopefully Weidman is able to get some help so that whatever was bothering her is fixed and she won’t walk around smearing bananas on people’s cars anymore.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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