Woman Arrested After Throwing Bloody Maxi Pad At Protester

Woman Arrested After Throwing Bloody Maxi Pad At Protester

A reprehensible woman who reportedly shoved a bloody maxi pad into the face of a Christian preacher who had been sharing the gospel outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Oregon has been arrested and charged with one count of harassment.

According to NBC affiliate KOBI, the “harassment” — some would call it an outright attack — occurred on Jan. 27 during an anti-abortion protest in Ashland, where an unnamed preacher and his associates had been sharing God’s word.

During their protest, they were accosted by several angry men and women, one of whom was caught on video shoving a maxi pad into the preacher’s face while yelling, “Go f*** yourself and eat this f***ing pad!”

Watch the encounter below. (WARNING: offensive content):

The perpetrator, 21-year-old Valerie Starushok, voluntarily turned herself in to the police in late January, likely because a charge of harassment carried with it a maximum penalty of only six months in jail, meaning she had very little to fear.

Upon announcing on Facebook that they had booked and charged Starushok, however, officials from the Ashland Police Department quickly learned that most of their followers were not happy with the outcome.

“If it were ME shoving a bloody anything into someone’s face, I would be charged with aggravated assault,” wrote one follower. “No question. No debate. I go to court with assault charges.”

“Should be assault with a deadly weapon,” added another. “Biohazards must never be taken lightly.”

In a description attached to the video of the encounter, the unnamed preacher revealed that he had in fact faced two attacks during his protest.

“I was able to dodge the first ladies (sic) grabs at my phone/camera and dodge her attempts to grab my sign and kick at me,” he wrote. “Unfortunately the second young lady caught me unaware as I was talking with another young man and she shoved her bloody maxi pad into my mouth.”

Ideally, both women should be arrested and charged with assault — not harassment. But since we live in an upside-down world, that does not appear to be what will actually occur.

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