Wisconsin May Have to Forfeit Votes Due to Liberals’ Efforts to Stall the Recount


The Electoral College has ten Wisconsin electors who need to cast their votes by December 19th, but the deadline may not be met thanks to angry Dems who’d rather not accept the state’s results.Liberals have been stalling the state’s recount efforts. With 306 votes to Hillary’s 232, Trump has nothing to loss even if the results are flipped in Wisconsin, which he won by 22,000 votes in November.

From Gateway Pundit:

Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) went on with Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the recount in Wisconsin.

Duffy said Democrats and far left Green Party supporters are stalling the recount in Dane County Wisconsin, where Madison is located. The county is holding a hand recount. The recount will not be completed by the deadline on December 20th. Therefore, according to Rep. Duffy, the state will quite possibly be forced to forfeit their electoral votes.

This was the plan all along. Democrats knew they couldn’t make up 20,000 votes. But they also knew if they stalled on the recount the state could not certify the vote.

If a forfeit does occure, then these leftist leadfoots will have suceeded in usurping the duty of state electors.  All because of a baseless accusation that Russia infiltrated the American election and Wisconsin must be conveniently forfeited as a result.

Undermining the role of an election because you don’t like the results has become a new principle of leftest ideology.

If those who insist a recount is necessary really believed a recount would flip the results, they wouldn’t be dragging their feet to meet the deadline.

The bottom line: the recount is a fraud, meant only to delay and usurp the democratic process.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

H/T: Young Conservatives