WINNING: Trump Humiliates Clintons, Orders Foundation Shut Down


Sure, President-elect Donald Trump may have beaten the Clintons at the ballot box, but he’s also beating them in other ways, too.

According to NPR, Trump announced on Christmas Eve that he would be shutting down the Donald J. Trump Foundation before he becomes president.

“It’s significant in that it’s showing him, in a very small way, trying to get rid of some of the conflicts of interests and conduits for influence peddling which surround him,” said The Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, who has reported on the foundation.

The Clinton Foundation, meanwhile? Still up and running.

According to an interview on Breitbart Radio, the site’s Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer discussed how this shows the difference between Trump and the woman she defeated.

“I’ve got to tell you, this is what leadership looks like,” Schweizer said. “Consider what Donald Trump has done voluntarily. This is not something that was imposed on him by somebody else. In the case of the Clintons, you know Barack Obama forced the Clintons into doing a lot of things they didn’t want to do, when she became secretary of state.”

“Look, I’m not saying that everything is done, everything is taken care of, everything is the place that it should be,” he continued. “But I’m very encouraged that these steps are being taken voluntarily to prevent these conflicts of interest, at least on the face of appearance, of causing a problem.

“I think that is grounds for celebration. If you contrast that with the Clintons, when Hillary became secretary of state — Barack Obama put very few restrictions on them, but the ones that he did, the Clintons fought tooth and nail, disclosing who the donors were. So this is a nice contrast to what I think we would have had with Bill and Hillary Clinton, which would have been complete business as usual.”

Even in foundations, it seems that Donald Trump is winning. Schweizer was right to point out that not “everything is the place that it should be”; the Trump Foundation can’t be completely dissolved until an investigation into it is complete, according to The Hill.

However, it’s certainly a sign that Trump is able to show leadership in areas Clinton couldn’t.

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