WikiLeaks Bombshell Proves O’Keefe Right About Dems and Anti-Trump Rallies


Over the past several days, the Clinton campaign has had to deal with scandals coming at it from two fronts. First, WikiLeaks has released thousands of emails from Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.

WikiLeaks also released several thousand emails from the Democrat National Committee several months ago — emails that are still giving the Clinton campaign a headache.

On a separate front, Project Veritas has released several videos showing high level Democrat operatives plotting to deliberately sabotage the rallies of Republican nominee Donald Trump — even using violence if they have to.

Now these two fronts have merged, at least temporarily. Several emails released by WikiLeaks appeared to verify what the Project Veritas videos had previously revealed — Democrats secretly plotted to disrupt Trump events.


An email posted on WikiLeaks as part of a batch of emails leaked from the DNC showed various DNC personnel working to orchestrate a protest outside a meeting that Trump had with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Eric Walker, the DNC’s deputy communications director, emailed Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communication director, about possible protest slogans and which groups would be appearing outside the Trump-Ryan meeting on May 12.

Walker proposed several slogans that could be put on signs. He also mentioned when the cameras would be there and how “(progressive group Americans United for Change) will be ID’ing people to talk to cameras.”

A video posted to the Twitter account of “MicroSpookyLeaks” showed how some of the signs that appeared at the protest were the exact signs described in the emails posted on Wikileaks.

Instead of this being a citizen-organized protest against Trump (and Ryan), it was a protest that the DNC carefully staged to spread its message as much as possible.

If they staged this protest, it makes you wonder what else they did.

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