WIKILEAKED: Debate Moderator Caught Promising to Support, “Defend” Democrat


Yet another media figure has come under fire for a close relationship with the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. This time, it’s CNBC’s Rebecca Quick, who helped moderate a controversial Republican debate back in 2015 where the moderator panel came under strong accusations of bias.

According to Breitbart, an email from Quick to Erskine Bowles, the former chairperson of President Barack Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, promised to help support Sylvia Matthews Burwell, a controversial nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services back in 2014.

Burwell’s nomination came at a time when the problems with Obamacare open enrollment were just beginning to snowball, and Burwell was part of the push to expand it through the second open-enrollment.

Bowles decided to drop Burwell a letter asking the CNBC host to publicly support the new nominee.

“I listen to some of the talk today about Sylvia’s move to HHS,” Bowles wrote in the April 2014 email.

“As you may recall, I picked Sylvia and John Podesta to be my two Deputy Chiefs of Staff. I picked Sylvia not only because she is brilliant (Rhodes), really Becky Quick like nice, informed and smart, but most importantly to me she knows how to run a large organization and run it effectively. … Regardless of your politics, any American should be glad that the President picked someone so competent to head such a critically important agency.”

Any reporter who got that sort of message from someone associated with the administration probably ought to have laughed it off. Not Rebecca Quick, though!

In a follow-up email, Quick wrote, “Thanks so much for the note — anyone with your recommendation is good by me. Wish I’d seen this earlier while we were still blabbering! I’m out the first two days of next week but will make sure to defend her when things get further along in the nomination process.”

Let’s point out that Quick was part of a moderating panel during a October 2015 GOP presidential debate which even liberal stalwart NPR admitted was disgustingly biased: “On multiple occasions, the moderators were booed for their pointed questions. And in one of the most memorable moments of the night, Sen. Ted Cruz ignored a question from moderator Carl Quintanilla and launched into a speech decrying the bias of CNBC and the mainstream media.”

So we’re clear, Quick asks biased, pointed, embarrassing questions to Republican candidates during the debate.

However, when asked to give a favorable report to a cabinet level nominee by an administration official, she replies, “anyone with your recommendation is good by me” and promises to defend her through hell and high water.

Rebecca Quick is posing as an objective journalist. She is, in fact, a shill for the administration and for the Democrat Party.

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