Widow Of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Goes After McCain – ‘Apologize To The Family’

Widow Of American Sniper Chris Kyle Goes After McCain Apologize To The Family

The widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle has added her voice to those calling for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to apologize to the family of a fallen Navy SEAL.

Taya Kyle, a Fox News contributor, joined Fox & Friends Thursday morning and blasted McCain for saying that the recent raid on al-Qaida forces in Yemen was not a success because Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens was killed in the risky operation.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has also demanded an apology from McCain, the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee. And now the president himself has taken to Twitter to condemn McCain’s remark that he says “emboldens the enemy.”

In reacting to the U.S.-led raid in which a number of al-Qaida operatives were killed, the senator issued a statement that read, in part, “I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success.”

In her appearance on Fox & Friends, Kyle was highly critical of McCain’s assessment.

“He certainly could apologize to the family for saying it was a failure because that insinuates that his life was given for nothing and it wasn’t,” she said. “They got 14 high-value targets. That’s a big deal. These guys went in and risked their lives, and they were very successful.”

Kyle noted that American lives can be lost during a successful military mission against the enemy.

She said McCain’s comments were “simply not true.”

“It’s semantics,” Kyle said. “Sometimes it’s politically motivated when you say something is a failure or a success. I don’t think you can categorically say that. You have to be a little more detailed.”

When asked Wednesday about the raid and McCain’s comments, presidential spokesman Spicer didn’t mention the Arizona senator by name, but the target of his answer was crystal clear.

“It’s absolutely a success, and I think anyone who would suggest it’s not a success does disservice to the life of Chief Ryan Owens,” Spicer told a press briefing.

In a series of tweets Thursday morning, President Donald Trump voiced his complaints about McCain’s critical comment. The tone of the tweets was reminiscent of past criticisms Trump has leveled against the senator.

There are reports that, in addition to the Navy SEAL, some two dozen Yemeni civilians were also killed in the mission, which had originally been planned during the Obama administration but was carried out as the first such military raid of the Trump presidency.

An Illinois native and member of the celebrated SEAL Team 6, Owens was 36 years old when he died during the intense firefight in Yemen.

In a surprise trip from the White House, Trump went to meet the body of the slain SEAL at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

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