Why “White Privilege” Is A Liberal Myth Exposed In One Chart



Robert Gehl asks, what do you get when you mix free market capitalism with racism?

You get Black Lives Matter’s new online experiment “Backing Black Business”!

That’s right! Now, if you really hate white people, you can shop exclusively at black-owned businesses across the country.

The site includes a map, with about two dozen Los Angeles-area businesses and a few dotted around the country. So if you’re a black radical who really wants to spend your money in the most racist way possible, you’d better live in one of a dozen cities or you’re in for quite a drive.

Live in Seattle? Gotta drive all the way to Sacramento to “Underground Books.”

Are you a brother in Texas? Gotta drive all the way to Baton Rouge to spend your money. But bring some paper too. The company there is “FCI/Paper Shredding.”


The Huffington Post loves this. They say “Black Lives Matter is making it easier than ever to find and support black-owned businesses.” I’m sure there are more than the few dozen black-owned businesses in the country than this map suggests – so I’m pretty sure the map does not make it “easier than ever,” given you’re probably passing hundreds of black-owned businesses in your trek to a paper shredding company in Louisiana.

The movement – and the site – is promoted by J. Walter Thompson New York, a marketing firm that represents major retail brands.

Brent Choi, Chief Creative Officer of J. Walter Thompson said that they hope to “reduce the racial disparity that exists in economic well-being through the promotion of black business ownership.”

This is great. Because we all know that telling black people to spend their money at black-owned businesses is a great way to promote unity and harmony. Just as if a white person decided to patronize white businesses only, it’s not racist at all. Breitbart reports:

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors pointed to “these uncertain times” and called for a need for black-owned businesses “more than ever,” according to HuffPo. She picked out specifically black-owned businesses as “a staple in the Black community” for “providing jobs, economic security and a somewhere for us to go and feel seen and safe.”

So if black people have to drive across Texas and Louisiana to feel “seen and safe” at a black-owned paper shredding facility in Baton Rouge, more power to them.

But I’m betting they’re perfectly happy working on improving their own community and neighbors, regardless the color of their skin.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

H/T: Breitbart