White Privilege: Leftist Whiners Don’t Grasp SIMPLE ECONOMICS 101

White Privilege Leftist Whiners Dont Grasp SIMPLE ECONOMICS 101

The ‘income inequality’ crowd is always trying to make it seem that wealth simply grows on trees. Somehow those who started a business and became wealthy didn’t ‘build that’ themselves and through hard work.

This latest crackpot meme takes the cake.

So let’s see how this really works:

A person decides to start a business. They do a few things – they either have the money saved to start it; borrow money from a bank or get investors to invest in it.

They then hire employees to create their product or deliver their service. The employees then have money to spend on said product or service.

Everyone involved is important in the relationship but it was the business owner who took the risk to start the business in the first place.

These people are few and far between. This is why they make more money than the fruit-picker. ANYONE can pick fruit. This is a very low skill level job.

NOT anyone can be a business executive. NOT anyone wants to even start a business because there is so much risk involved, including extreme amounts of hard work.

Somehow to the ‘income equality’ left wing lunatic crowd, because THEY choose to work at jobs that in which workers are a dime a dozen, that means the business executive didn’t actually work hard to earn his wealth.

To these people, even though there are special loans for women and minorities, the white evil business executive DIDN’T WORK HARD but got where he is due to some false perceived ‘privilege’ that the whiners of this meme don’t have.

It’s basic economics 101 of Supply and Demand.

Business Executives are in high demand because of their skills. Unfortunately they are in low supply. Because of this they earn big dollars.

Fruit pickers are also in demand but there is also a very high supply of unskilled labor. Because of this they earn low dollars.

Everyone has a CHOICE in their lives. Those complaining about the choices they make should take a look at themselves before pointing the finger at someone else who became successful because of the choices THEY made.

Women and minorities have even MORE choices because they do indeed receive special treatment from colleges, the federal government and even local government in the forms of scholarships and business loans.

So while these people are complaining about what someone else has done with their life, maybe they should shut their whining up for a minute and CHANGE the path they have chosen for themselves and make their lives better.

It’s simple economics. Something that the left doesn’t seem to grasp.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org