White House Makes Announcement About Being Fully Supportive in Efforts To Bring London Attackers to Justice

White House Makes Announcement About Being Fully Supportive in Efforts To Bring London Attackers to Justice

On Wednesday, the world was horrified as yet another European country endured a brutal terror attack. Britain became the latest to experience the horror of radical Islamic terrorism.

When presidential press secretary Sean Spicer gave his daily briefing Wednesday afternoon, he wasted no time in stating that President Donald Trump had spoken with British Prime Minister Theresa May and offered the United States’ support.

“The president has been briefed on the situation in London,” Spicer stated at the start of the briefing. “He just spoke to Prime Minister May, and we’ll have a readout on that situation and that call soon.”

“We obviously condemn today’s attack in Westminster, which the United Kingdom is treating as an act of terrorism,” he added. “We applaud the quick response that the British police and their first responders made to the situation.”

Trump’s quick action spoke volumes about him. Many people had been worried about how Trump would handle such an incident, but his calm response should alleviate the fears of most rational people.

Even when Trump was preoccupied with his domestic agenda, he made room in his schedule to express support for America’s closest ally.

“The victims in this are in our thoughts and our prayers. The city of London and Her Majesty’s government have the full support of the U.S. government in responding to the attack and bringing those to justice who are responsible,” Spicer said.

Even as British authorities continue to investigate the incident, the attack reminds all of us that we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism and that we all must be united to defeat this threat. We’re grateful finally to have a president who takes that threat seriously.

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