White House Chef Drops Bombshell… Hillary Used N-Word When Black Staffer Disappointed Her


Former White House chef Tracey Martin told radio host Tom Bauerle that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used a derogatory term when speaking about a black worker.

Martin said he was working an event at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington, D.C., when he heard Clinton use the n-word.

“A gentleman of color came in with something and it did not please her the way it was and when he walked out she says ‘that’ and then she used the n-word,” Martin told radio host Tom Bauerle.

“So you are alone with Hillary after the black guys brings something that Hillary doesn’t like and she said to you ‘that n-word?’” Bauerle asked Martin.

Martin confirmed that was exactly how things happened.

Martin also said the remark didn’t shock him because the Clintons made racist comments regularly.

“They think nothing of it, because there’s no press around … after you’ve been around them long enough, whether it be the Clintons or the Kennedys or whoever, once they feel comfortable with you, their guard is let down,” Martin added.

For someone who claims to fight for black communities, this is deplorable.

While there is no video to back up Martin’s claim, there is also no video to back up the claims that several women have made against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Yet the mainstream media has worked overtime to push the narrative that Trump is a sexist bigot while Martin’s story won’t get 45 seconds of mainstream media coverage.

It’s important that voters understand who this woman really is. She has attempted to silence women who are alleged victims of her husband while claiming that every sexual assault victim should be heard. She has proven she is a liar and a hypocrite almost very time she opens her mouth.

The voters don’t know who the real Hillary Clinton is because it they did, they wouldn’t allow her to get anywhere near the White House.

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