Welfare Mom With 7 Kids Makes Shocking Announcement

Welfare Mom With 7 Kids Makes Shocking Announcement

Know when to say when: it’s not just for alcohol any more. If you’re this British couple, it could very well refer to offspring.

61-year-old Sandra Gallagher hasn’t worked a day since Richard Nixon was in the White House and when Margaret Thatcher was education secretary under Prime Minister Edwin Heath. In the interim, she’s had seven kids, all of which have been paid for by the British taxpayer.

Now, in what should be her dotage, she’s looking to conceive with her 34-year-old fiancee, Richard Broom. Neither one has a job or plans to get one, yet they’re going to use fertility treatments to try to conceive. (I wonder who’ll be paying for that.)

I really wish I could tell you that this was the plot to a soon-to-be-released National Lampoon b-movie starring Tom Green and Cloris Leachman. Alas, I must confirm this to be reality.

“Some people might think it’s strange but our love is real and we want to start a family together,” Gallagher said.

“It might be difficult for us to conceive but we’ll try.” (H/T Opposing Views.)

That’s just the mental image I wanted.

Broom was the nephew of Sandra Gallagher’s long-term partner, which is where the two met. The two discreetly began a relationship, and nine days later they were engaged. And they say thirtysomethings aren’t interested in marriage!

“I’d love to have kids with Sandra,” Broom said.

“She’s the love of my life. I know she’ll be a great mum because she’s been a great mum seven times already.” And he knows the British taxpayer will be a great provider, since they’ve done it seven times already.

Broom and Gallagher now live in a B&B funded by the government after the two were evicted for their shocking inability to pay rent.

Broom was fired for “being lazy” in his last job as a road cleaner. He now spends his days on Facebook and video games. It’s also probably a lost cause to get Gallagher to work, as she last held down a job when the most advanced video game system was “Pong.”

Nevertheless, Broom wants you to know they’re not on easy street.

“The B&B hasn’t got a kettle or a TV,” Broom said. “There’s nothing to do so it’s going to be really boring.” Expect the British taxpayer to buy Broom an Xbox One to alleviate the boredom any day now.

While we have our own problems with the welfare system, they’re clearly nowhere near as bad as over in England, where the benefits system is clearly out of control.

Let’s hope that we remember why we broke away from Mother England and don’t import their crazy welfare state to the colonies.

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