WATCH: Wedding Guests Turn Reception into Massive Fight After Beautiful Wedding


Wedding receptions are supposed to be a time of joy, when the friends and family members of the bride and groom can come together and celebrate their union with food, drinks, dancing and fellowship.

However, the U.K. Daily Star reported on a recent wedding reception in Toronto, Canada, that instead ended up bloody after a massive brawl broke out between members of the two families.

Video of the incident, presumably filmed by the DJ, was of course posted online and showed dozens of people utterly destroying the exquisitely decorated reception room while engaged in battle, flipping over tables, throwing chairs and heaving platters and banquet dishes at each other, as well as countless punches and kicks, all while women screamed hysterically in the background.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, there were differing accounts as to what sparked the brawl. You can watch part of the fight here. Caution: Some explicit language and violence.

It was reported that the hostilities began when guests discovered lewd pictures of the bride on each table. The photos purportedly showed her engaged in a sexual act with her ex-boyfriend, who was alleged to have placed the pictures as a form of revenge.

However, due to a reported feud between the two families, the bride’s brother thought the groom and his groomsmen were responsible for the crass picture, leading to the fight breaking out.

That said, a report from The U.K. Sun stated that people who claimed to have been at the reception disputed the allegations of the lewd photographs, saying instead that the brawl was simply the result of a longstanding “beef between the two sides getting married. Nothing about a picture of the bride and the ex.”

Regardless of what, exactly, prompted the fight, it is safe to say that whoever rented the large room for the reception probably won’t be getting their deposit back.

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