WATCH: Video Shows Chuck Schumer Flip-Flopping on Obstructionism

Video Shows Chuck Schumer Flip-Flopping on Obstructionism

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has a habit of changing the narrative about when he wants lawmakers to obstruct or not obstruct America’s democratic process.

To underline Schumer’s inconsistency — and outright hypocrisy — The Daily Caller has released a video compiled of various clips of Schumer from President Barack Obama’s administration through the current day.

The New York Democrat does not come out of it well.

“A president deserves his or her picks as to who should run the agencies,” Schumer exclaimed back in 2013, as he pressured the Senate to confirm then-President Obama’s nominees for some federal agencies.

Flash forward four years to a President Donald Trump administration, and things got a whole lot different. Now, Schumer seems to take a much more casual approach to obstructing the democratic process.

“The original plan was to have eight or 10 hearings the first week but we can hold them up on the floor or two months,” Schumer said, referring to hearings for Trump’s political appointments in a March 2017 interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.  “And so they’re kind of stuck there too.”

Mediaite shared a similar video that recounted the way Schumer acted when Republicans denied President Obama’s Supreme Court pick Judge Merrick Garland.

“Senate Republicans need to do their job and give Judge Garland the hearing and vote he deserves because the American people deserve a fully functioning court,” Schumer said.

Schumer, a do-as-I-say kind of Democrat, thinks differently about Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, of course.

Watch what Schumer has to say about the obstruction of justice through the years:

All right America, stay tuned over the next six years to find out what Schumer has to say about the future of your country.

The man is consistent about nothing but Democrat power.

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