WATCH: Video of Massive Walmart Fight Goes Viral


You can take the thug out of the ‘hood, but getting the ‘hood out of the thug is a different equation.

Getting thugs out of Walmart doesn’t always seem to be a much easier proposition, either.

In a Walmart in Louisville, Kentucky, for example a fight broke out in the bicycle aisle two days prior to Christmas, according to KMOV. Ah, that Christmas cheer.

There was no major damage to the store, nor any reported injuries, but there was without a doubt a notable drop in human dignity. Watch a video recording of the fight below, and prepare to cringe:

Uploaded to YouTube by Marlene Jaggers, the video had by Tuesday already accumulated over 1,000 likes and almost 7,000 shares.

According to Walmart spokesperson Leslie Wright, no store employees were involved in the dispute, though some did reportedly attempt to stop it.

“We do not condone that behavior,” she added in an additional statement to WDRB.

What triggered the fight remained unknown, though Jaggers mentioned something on her Facebook post about a stolen phone. She also included a troubling bit about racism.

“I am far from races (sic),” she wrote. “I don’t have to explain myself to anyone why should I call the cops when there are six cops running towards them if you don’t like my video please don’t watch it!!!!”

Apparently some people who commented on her post felt that her decision to record the fight demonstrated her racism. The type of people who wrote that garbage were likely the same who would accuse Conservative Tribune of perpetuating racism for talking about thugs.

Never mind the fact that the term “thug” has no racial classification. (And, for the record, we have often used the term to describe people of varying races and gender. — Ed note.) It points only to behavior — namely the animalistic behavior seen often among criminals like the uncontrolled miscreants seen in the video above thrashing one another.

The tragic part of it all was that they were seemingly fighting over nothing major. They would have been better off channeling all that energy into something more productive — which would include literally almost anything.

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