WATCH: Van Jones Doubles Down On Praise For Trump’s Congressional Speech

Van Jones Doubles Down On Praise For Trumps Congressional Speech

Despite facing massive backlash for praising President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress last week, CNN commentator and radical progressive Van Jones isn’t backing away from his original statement.

“You’ve got to say it how you feel it in that moment,” he said during an appearance Wednesday morning on CNN’s “New Day.” “I’m human. I can still get teary-eyed, even in a Trump speech. I’m a military kid. My dad was in the military.”

Agreed, Mr. Jones. While switching up one’s rhetoric to appease the masses might make a person more popular in some circles, it would also make him a lot more dishonorable.

Last week, Jones had been especially appreciative of Trump leading a standing ovation for the widow of a Navy SEAL, saying at the time that it had been “one of the most extraordinary moments” he had ever witnessed in American politics.

“I think we’ve got to get to the point where somebody does something effective, you can say it and then turn around for the next four hours, as I did, and take him apart on policy,” Jones added Wednesday.

He was right. It is perfectly OK to praise Trump when he excels and criticize him when he falters. That is called being fair and objective, and both liberals and conservatives could use some practice with it.

Listen to Jones’ full statement below:

For being forthright about how he felt regarding Trump’s speech, Jones wound up facing tremendous backlash from his fellow liberals, who according to Twitchy, blasted him for having “sold out” and for being a moron. (The “Roots” allusion was particularly distasteful.)

Speaking exclusively with The Daily Beast later in the day, Jones tried to provide an explanation for why so many of his peers had lashed out at him for simply being forthright.

“Listen, millions of people see Donald Trump as the scariest villain they could ever imagine,” he said. “They don’t want to hear Luke Skywalker talk about, ‘Well, he made a good point in his speech, though!’ That’s not welcome for a lot of people. But, my show isn’t called the ‘Screw Donald Trump Show.’ It’s called ‘The Messy Truth.’ I’m trying to stay human.”

Save for Jones comparing Trump to “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader, he again had a point. Being truthful requires being honest. And the truth is messy sometimes.

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