WATCH: U.S. Marine Corps Releases New Commercial

US Marine Corps Releases New Commercial

The United States Marine Corps has a rich tradition of doing the impossible, and defending America’s freedom throughout the country’s history.

The Marine Corps released a new commercial to highlight that tradition and boost recruitment, and it is without a doubt one of the most powerful and moving enlistment commercials you will ever see.

The commercial features artistic statues of famous battles that the Marine Corps have won, ranging from the iconic flag raising on Iwo Jima to the famous image of Saddam Hussein’s statue being toppled in Iraq.

The ad also features the sounds of explosions and gunfire, though no actual videos of combat are shown.

“Battles aren’t won solely on the field. That’s a common misconception. Battles are won within,” a voiceover narrates. “Over enemies of fear, enemies of doubt. In that place, where promises are kept, promises to oneself. Promises to one’s community. Promises to one’s country.”

“In the heart of every Marine, you’ll find a promise. A promise forever kept. A promise of battles won.”

You can watch the full commercial here:

This truly is a powerful ad that should have every American standing and cheering. It is a reminder of everything this nation has sacrificed to remain free, and that those sacrifices were only possible through the bravery of millions of Americans who live now, and who have gone before.

Throughout almost every war America has fought, the Marines have been on the front line, going places that no one would dare go, and defeating enemies that no one thought they could defeat.

America owes its freedom to the actions of the Marines, as well as the men and women of all other branches of the United States military.

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