WATCH: Tucker Cuts Interview After Trump-Hating Guest Goes Psycho On-Air

Tucker Cuts Interview After Trump-Hating Guest Goes Psycho On-Air

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went head to head on Tuesday with the insanity that is liberalism, showing his viewers just how difficult it can be to reason with a rambling progressive who appears to have little if any sense.

Carlson invited political activist Sunsara Taylor on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss the group Refuse Fascism and its plans to resist what she called fascist America.

“Humanity is facing an emergency,” Taylor said. “Trump and Pence are operating out of Hitler’s playbook, only they have nuclear weapons.”

Taylor, a self-proclaimed revolutionary communist, went on to say that Trump was a danger to humanity and called for mass political protest and resistance.

Carlson overcame his stunned silence and quickly pointed out that Taylor wouldn’t be on his show if Trump were truly fascist. He added that if she were truly serious about thinking Trump was Hitler, she would do much more than appear on cable shows.

Taylor continued to compare Trump to Hitler, adding that there needed to be serious protests.

“You don’t oppose fascism with political resistance. But whatever. You may not know that,” Carlson told her.

She then said that Trump was “more dangerous than Hitler ever could have been,” noting Trump had access to nuclear weapons and Twitter.

After Carlson told her he was trying to take her seriously, she began attacking him.

“I know you like to carry water for the liar in chief,” Taylor told Carlson. “I know you like to justify and rationalize the sexual predator in chief.”

Carlson finally had to end the segment because she wouldn’t answer his questions and continued to ramble on about fascism. You can watch her train wreck here:

It’s difficult to take anyone with this kind of mentality seriously. Taylor only ended up doing her “cause” more harm than good by coming across as deranged. If anyone shouldn’t have access to nuclear weapons or Twitter, it’s people like her.

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