WATCH: Tucker Carlson Takes On Tariq Nasheed Over Tweet About OSU Hero Cop


A race-baiter who wrote a controversial tweet about the race of the police officer that shot the officer who killed OSU attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan faced a barrage of criticism from Tucker Carlson in an appearance on Carlson’s Fox News show Tuesday.

Tariq Nasheed is a radio host and Black Lives Matter advocate who, according to RealClearPolitics, describes himself as an “anti-racism strategist.”

That last part wasn’t terribly apparent in a tweet he made after the Ohio State attack

“So white officer Alan Horujko who shot and killed the Black Somali stabbing suspect in Ohio is being paraded as a hero. Thats (sic) interesting,” Nasheed tweeted.

Carlson began by asking Nasheed whether he thought the officer was a hero.

“I’ll be glad to answer that, but I don’t want to do the false narrative thing, because that is very disingenuous, and I like to speak truth to power,” Nasheed said.

“No, I didn’t think the guy was wrong for what he did. The guy was a hero. The comment wasn’t meant to racialize the actual shooting and the event itself. When that happened, there were a lot of people online who played the race card. And the minute they found out who the suspect was, they kept talking about black Somalian, black Somalian. Then they started talking about Black Lives Matter and Obama and then they racialized it.”

Which Nasheed hadn’t done at all with his tweet.

Oops, sorry, don’t want to do the “false narrative thing.” He does, after all, “speak truth to power” (an awfully presumptuous thing to say about yourself in any debate, may I add).

Carlson wasn’t thrilled with Nasheed’s answer.

“I’m sorry, there’s only so much I can take. I spent all afternoon listening to your podcast, which is the most racialized thing I think I’ve ever listened to in my life,” Carlson said.

“In your podcast, you say that this is a white supremacist country. The guy who did this was imported here at taxpayer expense from Somalia. He was living entirely on taxpayer expense, I believe government subsidized education at OSU,” he continued. “Why would a white supremacist country import Africans in large numbers, and then pay for them to live here? Speaking of narratives, it doesn’t fit your narrative?”

Nasheed struck back with the liberal accusation du jour: Anyone who disagrees with them must be a white supremacist.

“Tucker, this is Fox News, you guys are the race casino. Forget about the race card, you guys play the race casino,” Nasheed said. “Are you going to say anything honest before we get the interview started, or is it just going to be a bunch of projection of your suspected white supremacist views?”

Suspected? By whom, Tariq Nasheed? Also, I’m not quite getting the “race casino” metaphor. Is that like the scene in “Passenger 57” where Wesley Snipes says, “Always bet on black?”

You can see the exchange here:

The interview should have left little doubt that Tariq Nasheed was a race-baiter who accomplished nothing but further cheapening the term “white supremacist.”

However, one doubter was definitely Tariq Nasheed, who went back to Twitter to call Fox News “Nazi.”

Stay classy, Mr. Nasheed.

H/T The Daily Caller

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