WATCH: Tucker Carlson Shuts Down Actor Mike Farrell For Trying To Deny Trump Presidency


We’ve seen plenty of celebrities come out against President-elect Donald Trump, but that number has thinned considerably since Election Day.

In fact, things are so bad that when Martin Sheen made his celebrity video asking electors to switch from Donald Trump in order to prevent him from becoming president, the most prominent guy he could snag was Mike Farrell.

Farrell, for those of you who are younger or simply can’t remember the 1970s (looking at you, Tommy Chong), is best known for playing B.J. Hunnicutt on the TV series “MASH.” He’s second-best known for doing absolutely nothing else.

Now, he’s part of a group of minor-key celebrities that have put out a video trying to convince Republican electors to break their pledge and block Donald Trump from becoming president.

In a Friday appearance on Fox News, however, Farrell got absolutely owned by host Tucker Carlson over the video.

Farrell, like most of the anti-Trump Electoral College crowd, has said that electors ought to “vote their conscience” and put forth Ohio Gov. John Kasich as a “reasonable” alternative.

Tucker, however, points out the major problem in Farrell’s argument: For someone who’s arguing that the Electoral College isn’t democratic, what he and other celebrities are proposing is even more anti-democratic. He’s essentially saying that everything that’s happened up until now is completely wrong and that, since Trump isn’t acceptable to the left, that Kasich or some similar Republican In Name Only ought to be substituted in his stead.

Take a look:

Here’s the original video that caused all of the ruckus:

This liberal view of the Electoral College as a “court of last resort” assumes that Donald Trump represents such a threat to the United States that the “last resort” must be used. But the problem isn’t Trump; it’s the breathless coverage and fear-mongering about Trump that has caused this hysteria.

The idea that the American people somehow made a grievous mistake and need to be treated like little children who need to be disciplined and restrained for their own good is at the heart of the liberal argument. It’s an argument that doesn’t pass muster. It’s anti-democratic, it’s based on irrational fear and it’s simply wrong.

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