WATCH: Tucker Carlson Debates Professor Who Blames American Intolerance For Terrorist Attacks


Trying to deflect from the impact of radical Islamic terrorism by coyly steering the debate toward the alleged epidemic of domestic “Islamophobia” and white supremacy never works.

Georgetown University professor Engy Abdelkader learned this lesson the hard way Wednesday when she attempted to lecture Fox News host Tucker Carlson, arguing that “anti-Muslim bigotry and discrimination — what we commonly refer to as Islamophobia — can contribute to a sense of what they term as cultural homelessness.”

In other words, the fear of radical Muslim terrorism felt by some Americans serves as a catalyst for those deranged young men and sometimes women who ultimately become radicalized, or so Abdelkader maintained.

Tucker disagreed.

“This looks a lot like victim blaming,” he noted. “You’ve had an awful lot of Americans killed and injured by Islamic terror in the last eight years — almost 100, more than 350 injured — and you’re basically saying that happened because America is not hospitable enough to Muslims, which is not fair.”

Nor is it logical. He added that instead of addressing problems within the Islamic community, Abdelkader and others like her (the Council on American-Islamic Realtions, for instance) preferred to “turn it … back on America and the West.”

Listen to their full discussion below:

The Georgetown University professor also cited statistics showing that “there’s actually a greater threat of terrorism from white supremacist groups and right-wing extremists than there are from individuals who self-identify as Muslim.”

While such statistics might be valid — though commentator Pamela Geller has claimed that they ignore the Americans killed during the Sept. 11 terror attacks — they still do not excuse the actions of radical Islamic terrorists.

As Tucker pointed out, “I understand that good, decent Muslims feel they are under attack or portrayed as terrorists — but at some point you have to say this really is a real problem, and it’s discrediting all of us, and until we take it seriously it’s going to continue.”

But judging by Abdelkader’s words, as well as the rhetoric of other apparently similarly minded Muslims, far too many in the Muslim community do not seem to take radical Islam seriously — and that in itself is a huge problem.

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