WATCH: Trump Trashes CNN Hack, Denies Him Question, Then Says “You’re Fake News…”

Trump Trashes CNN Hack Denies Him Question Then Says Youre Fake News

On Wednesday morning, President-elect Donald Trump held a much-anticipated news conference to discuss how he would be separating himself from his businesses now that he is set to be sworn in as president in a few days.

The discussion of Trump’s business interests was quickly derailed by allegations pushed by CNN and Buzzfeed on Tuesday night that the Russians had “compromising” information about Trump — some of which was quite disgusting.

Trump spent a large amount of time during the news conference blasting the media for pushing these allegations, vehemently denying that the Russians had anything on him and finally blasting CNN as “fake news.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta was in the audience, and at one point tried to ask Trump a question, but Trump wouldn’t let him ask it because of what CNN has done to him, The Hill reported.

“Your organization is terrible,” Trump stated.

“You’re attacking us, can you give us a question?” Acosta replied.

You can watch the vigorous exchange here:

“Don’t be rude. No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news,” Trump retorted before moving on to another question while Acosta continued to try to interrupt him.

It was a beautiful thing to watch Trump put the media in their place. This fake Russian report is only the media’s latest attempt to sabotage Trump, and it failed quite spectacularly.

CNN released a statement after the news conference attempting to defend itself, but it only made the network look more guilty.

CNN also attacked BuzzFeed during the news conference, calling it a “failing pile of garbage,” which is maybe as accurate a description as I’ve ever heard.

Trump put the media on notice that he wasn’t going to tolerate them spreading disgusting lies about him. He has the American people on his side, and he won’t be afraid to challenge the media when he feels it necessary.

Maybe this little incident will be a wake-up call for them, though that is doubtful.

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