WATCH: Trump Surprises White House Tour Group With Appearance

Trump Surprises White House Tour Group With Appearance

When the first tour group of Donald Trump’s presidency visited the White House this week, the president decided to greet them personally — and he did so at the most epic place he could have.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the president surprised the group Tuesday just before they got to a portrait of Hillary Clinton that was hanging in the presidential residence.

Trump emerged from behind a partition just as the group was admiring the portrait of his rival in last year’s election. The painting had been commissioned during the Bush administration and included the then-senator with her book, “An Invitation To The White House: At Home with History.” (I’m assuming that one sold better than “Hard Choices.”)

Here’s video of the occasion:

He definitely has the showman’s touch, that’s for sure.

According to Fox News, the tour was the first since Trump took office. It isn’t unusual for the White House to be closed for tours as administrations change, although the delay in Trump’s case was longer. This had to do with maintenance work and the hiring of staff in the Trump White House. Melania Trump announced the re-opening in a statement last month.

“I am excited to reopen the White House to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come each year,” her statement read. “The White House is a remarkable and historic site and we are excited to share its beauty and history. I am committed to the restoration and preservation of our nation’s most recognizable landmark.”

Trump in front of the portrait (left) and Clinton at its 2004 unveiling (right)

During his surprise appearance Tuesday, Trump beckoned a group of children up for pictures of the occasion, but only 10-year-old Jack Cornish of Alabama overcame his shyness to join the president, according to Fox.

Overall, a great day — and a great troll of Hillary.

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