WATCH: Trump Supporter BRUTALLY Beaten by Lib Mob… Reporter Says Protesters Were Peaceful!

Trump Supporter BRUTALLY Beaten by Lib Mob Reporter Says Protesters Were Peaceful

A supporter of President Donald Trump was brutally assaulted while counter-protesting immigration bans at Portland International Airport, but one news station seems to have twisted the story.

A Youtube video shows the moment a Trump supporter was attacked by a protester at the airport on Sunday. Before assaulting the man, the anti-immigration ban protester screamed “Nazi boy” repeatedly in his victim’s face.

Then, he knocked his victim to the ground in a vicious motion. A crowd of angry protesters gathered around to mock the victim and his friends. “Your boy is on the ground!” one of them taunted.

However, another protester did step in front of the unconscious victim, shielding him from another attack. That man continuously said, “Peace! Peace!”

The victim’s injuries were so bad that medics carried him out of the airport, but there were no arrests made, KATU-TV reported.

Watch what happened in the video below:

KGW-TV was already on the scene covering protests when the incident took place, but the spin on the story might have been puzzling.

When speaking about the violent attack, the reporter stated that the demonstration was peaceful until the pro-President Trump counter-protesters showed up.

“While the demonstration was peaceful, tension climbed when counter protesters entered the mix,” she said. “At one point, one of the counter protesters was hit inside the airport.”

“But it didn’t deter protesters,” she later continued.

Hear what the reporter says around 1:50 below:

The most ironic part of all is that the counter-protesters were the peaceful ones, simply sharing their point of view as well. One woman even told KGW News that she supports the immigration ban simply because she wants all Americans to remain safe.It wasn’t until one of the anti-President Trump protesters punched a Trump supporter in the face that the protests turned violent. In other words, the anti-Trump protesters were “peaceful” until someone showed up who disagreed with them. Then the punches started flying.

It seems as if the media has once again gotten it all wrong when it comes to who the instigators really are.

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