WATCH: Trump Outshines Obama In Scenario Where People Get Sick In The Crowd


Under stressful situations it is often said that you get to see the best, and the worst, in people — in other words, who they really are. That is certainly true of two similar incidents that showed how very different President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump are.

At a January rally in Reno, Nevada, Trump stopped everything when he found out that a woman was sick in the crowd.

Trump stopped his speech and started instructing people to help the woman. He asked if she was alright, asked for a doctor to assist her and made sure she had water and fresh air to get her well.

Trump noted how important it was to “take care of our people.” Take a look at the video below:

In Obama’s last news conference as president on Friday, on the other hand, someone took ill and the president seemed irritated and couldn’t wait to get back to his comments.

He actually said, “where was I?”

Take a look at the video below:

Do you see the major differences between the two?

Trump appeared to genuinely care about the well-being of the woman, whereas Obama couldn’t wait to get back to what he considered the most important thing in the room — himself. Trump had no issue suspending his rally for as long as it took to make sure the woman was okay, yet Obama begrudgingly took time away from his comments.

Although we really didn’t need another reason to be excited about Jan. 20, these two videos are a small reminder of why the American people repudiated Obama’s legacy in the form of Hillary Clinton and voted instead for Donald Trump.

It may not seem like much, but how people react in times of stress says a great deal about who they are, and the difference between the two men and how they reacted to someone in distress was very telling.

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