WATCH: Trump Introduces Families of Those Killed by Illegals, Media Doesn’t Want to Film Them

Trump Introduces Families of Those Killed by Illegals Media Doesnt Want to Film Them

President Donald Trump introduced special guests during his speech announcing a new executive order, but the cameras didn’t want to record them for one reason. This is the perfect example of biased media.

During the event Wednesday at the Department of Homeland Security, Trump stated that in the audience were “parents whose children were horribly killed by individuals living here illegally.” He then said, “I will now ask them to stand.”

The cameras however stayed focused on one area … the podium on which Trump stood.

It would be the perfect time to pan around to see the faces of the Americans whose family members were killed by illegal immigrants; however, the cameras did not want to record them

That would put a face to the horror caused by former President Obama’s “open door policy,” and the mainstream media can’t have that.

As Trump recognized the various members of The Remembrance Project by name, they reportedly stood up and applause went around the room … but the cameras never recorded them.

See the clip below in which the mainstream media chose to mask the true face of Obama’s open door policy — the face of Americans who lost family members at the hands of illegal immigrants who should never have been in this country.

This is a sad excuse for journalistic reporting.

No wonder there are so many fake news sites out there. These people think they can get away with anything.

Not anymore … not on President Trump’s watch.

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