WATCH: Trump Fans Hijack CNN Panel, Chant “Lock Her Up” on Live TV


An on-site CNN panel almost fell into disarray Wednesday, hours before the start of the third presidential debate in Las Vegas, when the crowd surrounding the panel began chanting, “Lock her up!

The crowd of course meant Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, whose history of corruption and deceit made former President Richard Nixon look like George Washington.

Despite the hoopla, however, the panel managed to keep their discussion going — just barely.

“To be more subdued, to be a different Donald Trump,” The Washington Post’s Dan Balz said regarding what he believed GOP candidate Donald Trump should do to garner more support.

“To be a president?” CNN host John King then tried to ask, after which the chants grew even louder.

Apparently the crowd did not care too much for the panel’s meaningless discussion.


The panel’s point seemed to be that Trump should tone down his rhetoric if he wanted to win over more independent and undecided voters.

The crowd had a more compelling point: Clinton should not have even been in the running to begin with, as her flagrant violations of federal law made her a criminal deserving of a prison cell. Someone needed to “lock her up,” or at the very least put her on trial.

Unfortunately, that was not apt to happen, as FBI Director James Comey had decided in July not to recommend criminal prosecution against Clinton over her mishandling of classified intelligence while secretary of state.

The American people were therefore visibility frustrated, not that anyone could blame them — least of all the CNN panel members, who instead of talking about Clinton’s crimes were too busy harping about what they felt Trump needed to do to bolster his campaign.

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