WATCH: Trump Elector Gets Sick of Hate Mail… Covers Letters in “Elephant Pee,” Torches Them


An Ohio elector gave liberals the “flaming elephant” treatment when he burned letters from Democrats who asked him not to cast his vote for President-elect Donald Trump.

Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones did indeed cast his vote for Trump on Dec. 19, despite pleas from some on the left to reconsider his decision.

In a series of tweets, Jones teased liberals about what he would do with the hundreds of letters he received about the electoral vote.

Finally, Jones told liberals just what he thought of their pleas.

Jones took all the letters to his backyard, threw them in a fire pit, and poured flammable liquid on the papers, which he called “elephant pee.” Of course, it’s all just a play on words to showcase the GOP victory.

“Don’t try this at home,” Jones quipped in the video.

“It’s over,” Jones announced as he threw more letters into his “flaming elephant.”

He sure taught liberals a lesson about the voting process and made a statement that he cannot be persuaded to go against the decision of American voters.

We hope someone is talking to him about a congressional run. America could use more people like this in Washington, D.C.

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