WATCH: Trucker Feeds Punk Asphalt Sandwich After Failed Attempt to Steal Phone


We have all seen or heard stories from time to time of criminals receiving near-immediate justice for their illegal actions, and we can’t help but cheer when such instances occur.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, just such a thing seems to have happened recently in China, when a mobile-phone thief riding a scooter attempted to drive past the man he had just robbed earlier and was met with a high-flying kick by the truck driver intent on recovering his phone.

Captured on surveillance video from Foshan in the southeastern Guangdong province of China, the footage shows the thief on a scooter reach up into the cab of a large truck and steal the phone right out of the hands of the driver before quickly getting back on his tiny vehicle and speeding away.

However, as some criminals have a tendency to return to the scene of their crimes, when the thief came riding back up the road later, the driver spotted him and was waiting to retrieve his phone in the most impressive manner possible, with a kung fu-like flying kick that knocked the thief right off his little motorbike.

Both men crashed to the ground, but the truck driver quickly regained his feet and stood over the obviously frightened and surprised thief, snatching the stolen phone right out of his hand to complete the cycle of justice.

While it is entirely possible that this was all just a big “set-up” or hoax designed to entertain/fool the broader TV-watching public, it was nevertheless pretty cool to see.

Besides, any time someone is able to effectively use martial arts moves in real life, we still love to see it.

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