WATCH: Tim Kaine Goes Down in FLAMES While Defending Hillary on Leaked Emails


When Sen. Tim Kaine “goes rogue,” as the media is fond of saying when it comes to vice presidential candidates, there’s a kind of amazing quality to it. It’s not just that he’s going off-script. In fact, I’m not even sure he knows what the script is.

Take this clip from ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday, when Kaine tried to explain away Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails. First, he tried claiming that the emails released by WikiLeaks weren’t actually real.

“Look, Martha. I don’t give credence to any of those dumped documents because I don’t even know if those are accurate,” Kaine said when he was asked about the emails. “They are part of an effort by the Russians and WikiLeaks.”

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! … with information about how the Clinton campaign is corrupt to the bone, hates Catholics and evangelicals, has contempt for the phrase “everyday Americans” and has such a cozy relationship with the media you would think this was a Soviet bloc country.

Host Martha Raddatz, to her credit, wasn’t going to let Kaine get away with that one.

“I just want to say the writer of these emails said he wrote them,” she responded.

“Yeah, but but but this is an important topic because everybody needs to know about these emails,” Kaine continued. “One email has come up with my name in it, and it’s completely inaccurate.

“Now was it inaccurate because the sender didn’t know what he or she was talking about? Was it inaccurate because it was doctored? I have no way of knowing.”

That’s right, folks. Someone within the Hillary Clinton campaign claimed on national TV that he has no way of knowing whether emails written by members of the Hillary Clinton campaign on servers that he ostensibly has access to were written by members of the campaign that he is a part of. I do not know how much more theatrical redundancy I can possibly use to emphasize how ridiculous that is.

Kaine, a Catholic, also defended a Catholic-bashing email by communications director Jennifer Palmieri, for what it’s worth.

“We all have opinions and I don’t think you need to apologize for your opinions,” Kaine said. “But, in fact, that’s a great thing about our country and even about being Catholic.”

Yeah, a great thing about being Catholic is having your faith mocked. Meanwhile, Republican nominee Donald Trump talks about tightening immigration controls from countries with terrorism problems and the word “bigot” is coming out of Kaine’s mouth 50 times a minute.

Whenever I see Sen. Tim Kaine speak on behalf of his running mate, I have to wonder if there’s some sort of secret rule that requires Democrat Party vice presidential candidates to be dangerously dumb.

Ever since Michael Dukakis picked the reasonably intelligent Sen. Lloyd Bentsen in 1988, only one of the Democrat Party’s veep nominees — Joe Lieberman — could beat Forrest Gump’s SAT score. And being smart and independent-minded didn’t exactly help Lieberman any. In fact, the Democrats stuck a knife in his back several years later for just that reason.

Al Gore was supposed to be smart, but he’s spent his time post-2000 flogging a failing TV channel and getting a worthless Nobel Peace Prize for an alarmist documentary that predicted a lot of things about global warming that never came true. John Edwards couldn’t place his order at Burger King without prefacing it with, “Well, as the son of a poor millworker from Nawth Caholahnna…” And then there’s Joe Biden. Oh dear Lord, is there ever Joe Biden.

Kaine seems to be continuing this long tradition. There’s a difference between Kaine and that other basket of dumb-plorables, though. Hillary Clinton is no spring chicken, even if her health were perfect. It isn’t. While we don’t necessarily know exactly what ails the Democratic nominee, we do know that she has suffered a series of cryptic maladies that have hindered her ability to campaign as effectively as she probably should have.

To back her up in the case of debilitating illness or death, she has selected an oleaginous, witless liberal functionary whose only qualification for the role is an accident of geography: being from the swing state of Virginia.

This Sunday morning on ABC, we got a preview of just how bad of a decision that was. We can only pray we do not have to experience it in feature length.

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