WATCH: State Trooper Dragged by Suspect on Highway Fights Back, Makes Arrest

State Trooper Dragged by Suspect on Highway Fights Back Makes Arrest

Police officers put their lives on the line every day for us. They constantly have to deal with criminals who will resist arrest and sometimes will cause bodily harm to the officers.

A video of one New York State trooper arresting a suspect has gone viral because of what happened to the trooper. The trooper had tried to arrest a man he pulled over, but the driver took off suddenly, dragging the trooper with him, WABC reported.

“He floored this car, you know the cruiser was right behind the suspect’s car, and he literally just floored it with the cop hanging out, you literally see the cop’s legs hanging out outside the vehicle,” a witness told WABC.

Somehow, the trooper managed to hold on and when the car crashed into the median, he was able to wrestle the driver out of the car and subdue him, despite having a nasty head wound that had blood pouring out of it.

Two civilians ran over to the trooper and helped hold the suspect down so the trooper could recover from the assault.

“A couple good Samaritans hopped out of their vehicles, when the officer got the guy, the suspect, out of the car, and as he tried to get him restrained, two Good Samaritans came out of their car and held the guy down,” the same witness explained.

You can watch shocking footage of the incident below:

Fox News reported that the driver was identified as Kyreem Kelly, 29, and was pulled over for texting while driving.

Kelly will now face a litany of charges including “multiple felony and misdemeanor charges: aggravated assault upon a police officer, second-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration and second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation.”

It was amazing to watch this tough trooper come back from such a brutal assault and bring down the criminal. NBC New York reported that the officer was treated for his head injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

This incident was just one more example of how dangerous a police officer’s job is, and why we should be thankful that they are out there bringing down criminals like Kelly and putting their lives at risk so that we can be safe.

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