WATCH: Scott Baio Says Left Is Getting Violent Because They Can’t Believe They Lost

Scott Baio Says Left Is Getting Violent Because They Cant Believe They Lost

During Inauguration Day in Washington, former “Happy Stars” star Scott Baio was accosted by a group of anarchist thugs who called him a fascist and reportedly lunged at him.

Speaking on Fox News early Sunday morning, the actor offered up a valid theory for why protesters at the inauguration had behaved so poorly.

“They are in the last throes of a dying party,” he said. “They don’t know what to do. They can’t believe that they lost so they’re getting violent. The ‘tolerant’ people are the most vicious, violent, intolerant people I’ve ever seen.”

Listen to his full statement below:

He also described what exactly happened on Inauguration Day. Apparently, one of the anti-Trump protesters called Baio a “fascist” and then lifted his arm up as if he was about to swing at the actor. Thanks to the help of both his wife and Fox Business Network contributor Charlie Gasparino, however, Baio was able to evade being hurt.

In an update posted to Facebook a couple days after the scuffle, Gasparino himself described what occurred:

Continuing his statement on Fox News, Baio added, “These people are a little unhinged.”

Very unhinged, actually — they are very unhinged. As reported by TMZ, numerous fights broke out during the inaugural festivities. Moreover, protesters against the inauguration of President Donald Trump also destroyed a limo and vandalized property:

At least 200 of these violent leftists were eventually arrested that otherwise peaceful day, and at least six police officers were injured “when protesters flung bricks, trash cans and other objects” at them, according to NBC.

Yet despite all this malarkey, Donald Trump still remains the president of the United States, and this will not change any time soon — no matter how “unhinged” the radical left chooses to act.

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