WATCH: Saudi Women Herded Like Cattle by Fundamentalist

Saudi Women Herded Like Cattle by Fundamentalist

A video that came out on YouTube recently is challenging the left’s narrative about Islam being a peaceful and tolerant religion. The short clip shows that if that is true, it may only be true for the male half of the society.

The video published by a YouTube account called, “Movement,” reportedly shows women in high school being herded into a building like livestock. The video purportedly comes from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and highlights a man with a stick banging on doors and walls around the high school girls apparently leading them and/or keeping them inside.

The description on the video reads as such:

“A high school guard in KSA only duty is to make sure women are caged until their guardians or drivers come.”

The women are dressed in full black hijabs and seem to follow the guard’s voiceless commands as they retreat back inside the building.

While the video is short, and there is no real way to discern if this is indeed happening at a high school, it does shed light on the fact that the women knew exactly what to do when the stick-wielding man started herding them around.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the video was posted on Twitter by a Saudi women who describes herself as a feminist and is now based in the United States.

“Every girl in high school and college has a man outside ‘protecting’ them. Preventing them from leaving with unrelated men,” she wrote on Twitter. “When I was a rebellious teenager, I use to take off my veil when I reached my car. This usually pissed off the guard and he use to report me.”

See the clip below:

The left wants us to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and in this video there is some support to that… the women “peacefully” follow the guard’s orders. However, is this the way women should be treated?

This is Islamic fundamentalism and it’s up to you to decide if you think it is peaceful and tolerant.

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