WATCH: Sanders Finally Goes Off Deep End, Alleges Trump Tweets Are “Code” Messages


Nobody at this publication ever confused one Bernard Sanders, the Democratic presidential insurgent and junior senator from Vermont, as being all that “with it.” Truth be told, he came across to us as a senescent Clarence Darrow cosplayer who had missed a few showers and a few doses of an unspecified medication.

However, even that didn’t prepare us for his rant on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show Tuesday, in which the Vermont independent slammed Trump’s “delusional” and “totally insane” tweets immediately prior to making a delusional and totally insane claim of his own — namely, that Trump’s tweets were a kind of code to evil Republicans trying to steal elections.

O’Brien — the former “Tonight Show” host whose current audience share could fit inside a trailer home — had begun by reading Trump’s tweet about winning the popular vote if illegal voters were discounted.

While there were plenty of people who disavowed that tweet, including Republicans, they certainly didn’t do so for the reasons that Sanders cited.

“When he says that (about illegal voters), he is really sending a signal to Republicans all over this country, Republican leaders,” Sanders said. “What he is saying is we have got to suppress the vote. We have got to make it harder for poor people, people of color, immigrants, elderly people to participate because they may be voting against us. And that is scary stuff.”

In other words, Trump’s Twitter is a bat-signal against poor people linked directly to some Republican Party conclave looking to disenfranchise people of color.

Evidence provided? Zero. It’s actually less than Trump, whose campaign provided a 2014 study about illegal voting to reporters.

Sanders didn’t stop there. Conan then read Trump’s tweet about punishing flag-burning, to which Sanders responded in a similarly unhinged manner.

“Two responses to that,” Sanders said. “Let’s see — we have massive income and wealth inequality and we have 43 million people living in poverty. We have to deal with climate change, which is threatening the existence of the planet. And he’s talking about three people that might burn the American flag.”

It’s more, Sen. Sanders, but apparently you don’t check our website that often. Also, I was unaware all of those liberal favorites had anything to do with flag burning.

Alas, onto number two, which you may recognize: “But the second point there, there’s a hidden message in that,” Sanders said. “And that is, be careful if you are prepared to dissent.”

It’s even crazier when you watch him say it:

I’m sure Sen. Sanders believes he’s striking a blow for the uber-woke brand of liberalism most of his followers espouse, but what he actually sounds like is one of those parents’ groups from the 1980s that used to listen to Metallica albums backwards, trying to find anything that could be construed as a message advocating satanic worship.

I’d say that it was time for Nurse Ratched to intervene, but I’m sure Bernie would think that I was sending a coded message to the Republican sanctum sanctorum that dissenters ought to be declared mentally insane and institutionalized.

Therefore, all I can do is congratulate you, Bernie. You took our low expectations, and just when we thought you had reached rock bottom, you brought in a backhoe.

H/T Breitbart

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