WATCH: Reported “Shariah Patrol” Finds Girl Who Took Off Hijab… Mercilessly Beats Her


Liberals like to scoff at Republicans and conservatives who insist that radical Islam is on the rise in the Western world, despite plenty of evidence that shows just how pervasive and dangerous radical Islam is.

A video from Vienna, Austria, showed what happened to a girl who decided to remove her headscarf and was noticed by what has been described as the local “Shariah patrol,” The U.K. Express reported.

The video showed a group of girls slapping another girl repeatedly. The girl who was being beaten simply stood there with her hands in her pockets and refused to fight back.

“She has pulled the headscarf down, demolish her!” is what the girls in the video were reportedly shouting.

The victim, who was 17 years old, reportedly told local media sources that the reason she didn’t fight back was because she knew the beating would only continue for longer if she tried to defend herself.

“Look, I knew if I would fight back, I would only get hit more. So I just waited until it was over,” she stated.

The girl’s sister informed the police of what happened, while the girl was in the hospital recovering, and police say they are investigating the matter.

A word of explanation might be in order: Among those Muslims who insist on the hijab — it’s not universal — it isn’t required indoors among women or in the presence of close male relatives. Think of this episode as a “just us girls” event when you watch the video.

Have a look here. Warning: Graphic content.

“We know the youngsters. They were already involved in similar cases in Lower Austria,” a police spokesperson stated.

Even if this wasn’t a Shariah patrol, what these girls did is just plain wrong. This girl underwent a terrible ordeal at the hands of this mob, and her tormentors should be punished.

Hopefully the police can find these girls and bring them to justice before they hurt anyone else.

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