WATCH: Recently Revealed Confession Video Shows Dylann Roof Laughing About Murders


The trial for accused Charleston Church Massacre suspect Dylann Roof has begun, and the details that have already come out of the courtroom have been enough to make your blood run cold.

On Friday, the courtroom was stunned when they listened to a two-hour videotaped confession in which Roof freely admitted to committing the shootings, and even laughed about it during his interview, The Charleston Post and Courier reported.

“Well, I killed them, I guess,” said Roof with a slight chuckle when asked by the FBI.

Roof also admitted that he had been in the church for a while before the shooting, contemplating whether or not he should commit his massacre.

“I was just sitting there thinking about whether I should do it or not, because I know I could have walked  out,” he stated, indicating that his was an act of premeditated murder.

If you had any doubts about whether there was pure evil in this world, watching Roof’s confession should be more than enough to rid you of those doubts.

You can watch a segment of the confession below (WARNING: Extremely disturbing footage):

Roof’s defense attorney wasn’t really trying to prove his innocence — especially since his client confessed to the whole thing — but was trying to spare him the death penalty, CBS News reported

At one point, Roof’s attorney moved for a mistrial after a witness called Roof evil and said that there was no place for Roof except “the pit of hell,” USA Today reported.

The judge dismissed that motion.

There probably aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how evil and how horrific the Charleston shooting was — and how much Roof should pay for what he did.

Right now Roof’s fate is in the jury’s hands, and hopefully they will give him the justice that he deserves.

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