WATCH: Punk Tries to Ruin Concert for Vets, So Luke Bryan PUNCHES Him From Stage


Country singer Luke Bryan performed at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena Wednesday as part of Charlie Daniel’s 80th birthday all-star Volunteer Jam — a concert that raised money for military veterans, Taste of Country reported.

Sadly, one concert-goer decided to make an obscene gesture, and Bryan didn’t take it sitting down — he punched the man from the stage.

In the middle of a song, a man in the front row decided to give Bryan the middle finger. Bryan reportedly yelled “Come on,” before he went ahead and punched the man, according to Us Weekly. Bryan then gathered himself and went on with his performance.

Take a look at a video of the altercation below both on Twitter and an up-close version posted to YouTube:

After the altercation, Rolling Stone posted a statement from Bryan’s team:

“A man in (the) front row was making crude hand gestures toward Luke during his performance. It was insulting not only to him, but more importantly to the men, women and families sitting around him who were there to support and celebrate Charlie Daniels and the efforts of raising money for the military veterans — some of who were in the audience. The concert security personnel saw the man’s disruptive actions of the event and he was escorted out.”

The obscene gesture was apparently the tip of the iceberg, according to Rolling Stone, which reported that there were two hecklers in the crowd, one with an insulting sign that referenced Bryan’s famous tight jeans.

Although it’s not a great idea to punch a guy in the front row — if only for your own safety — it is understandable why Bryan did it. The event was meant to raise money for vets and the man’s actions were extremely disrespectful.

Fortunately, as Taste of Country reported, the man was escorted out by security and the event wasn’t hampered — $240,000 was raised that night for the Journey Home Project which works to help veteran’s lives in a variety of ways.

To behave like that person did is unacceptable — especially at an event to raise money for veterans. There’s no excuse for it, and while Bryan probably should have kept his cool, sometimes people reap what the sow.

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