WATCH: Punk Tries Disrespecting Courtroom, Gets Full Fury of Judge

Punk Tries Disrespecting Courtroom Gets Full Fury of Judge

Judge John McBain of Jackson County, Michigan, doesn’t carry a gun to keep order in court. He doesn’t need to.

A judge who once told a convicted killer he hopes she dies in prison, according to CBS News, McBain is known for his caustic disdain for smart-mouth criminals. And when an unrepentant stalker caused a disruption in his courtroom during a hearing back in December, 2015, McBain leaped into action to help restrain the man.

After lecturing the defendant, Jacob Larson, about violating an earlier personal protection order by sending a woman 22 Facebook messages after the Aug. 22 order was signed, all McBain got in return was attitude. And, according to MLive, he wasn’t having it.

As Larson continued to argue with McBain, his jail sentence kept escalating.

“You know what? I told you to leave her alone, and apparently that didn’t get through loud and clear, so today, you’re going to jail for three days,” McBain said. Apparently, Larson thought that was just a warning.

“You and her are buddy-buddy. You all get along. You all …,” Larson said, referring to the woman in question, who was in the courtroom.

“Fory-five days, county jail!” McBain increased the sentence. “Bull****,” replied Larson.

Having been in McBain’s courtroom before, Larson should have known better. McBain exploded.

“Ninety-three days in the county jail. Do you want to go for a year? Try right now!” McBain yelled. “One more word out of you, it’ll be a year in county.”

Of course, Larson didn’t stop.

“You’re going to jail for a year in a county — 365 days in county jail,” ordered the judge.

As the sole deputy in the courtroom attempted to handcuff him, Larson continued to taunt the woman while resisting arrest.

McBain then ripped off his robe and helped tackle Larson to the ground. The next thing heard on the video is Larson yelling, “Tase his a** right now!” The deputy did not use his weapon.

You can watch the interaction here (WARNING: some graphic language):

“There is one thing I don’t tolerate is disruptions in my courtroom,” McBain said.

After the incident, McBain recused himself in case he would later have to testify against Larson.

While McBain’s action was certainly unusual, it was definitely acceptable, Jackson County Chief Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson told MLive.

“A judge has the power to take whatever action is necessary to maintain order in the courtroom,” Wilson said.

He also noted that judges can arrest a suspect.

It would be optimistic to say that Larson won’t make the same mistake again, but he doesn’t seem to learn from experience.

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