WATCH: Professor’s Kids Hilariously Interrupt Live BBC News Interview

Professors Kids Hilariously Interrupt Live BBC News Interview

Robert Kelly is more than just a Pusan National University professor of political science. He’s also a dad — and as fathers across the world know, sometimes little kids do the darndest things.

Case in point: Kelly was in the middle of a Skype interview from South Korea this week with a BBC anchor when his office door suddenly flew open and his 4-year-old daughter Marion sashayed right in with a yellow shirt and ponytails, as reported by Fortune magazine.

A frustrated Kelly tried gently pushing Marion away and returning to his discussion about the recent impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, but the fun was only just beginning.

Moments after Marion’s grand entrance, Kelly’s 9-month-old son James rolled right in behind his sister on a walker like a straight-up boss, immediately eliciting laughs from the BBC’s camera crew.

And then, as if the scene couldn’t get even funnier, Kelly’s wife Jung-a Kim abruptly rushed into the room like a hockey player on ice to try and put a stop to their kids’ interruption.

It was a sight you simply had to see to appreciate.


Of course, as a serious professor, Kelly himself did not at first quite appreciate the awesomeness of what had occurred.

When asked by a BBC reporter on Twitter whether the network could share that clip, Kelly shared his concerns that it might go viral and get weird.

Well, he called that one.

Speaking later with the U.K. Daily Mail, Kelly’s mother, Ellen Kelly, speculated that her grandchildren probably thought their father was Skyping with her and her husband.

“Robert usually Skypes with us from his home office, which is where he did the interview,” she said. “The kids probably heard voices coming from the computer and assumed it was us. It was just hilarious.”

“Robert will be in for a real treat when he wakes up the morning,” she added, the idea being that her son, who was still asleep in North Korea, would be pleased with finding out that his kids had become the Internet’s newest stars.

I hope so. While his looked irritated during the actual interruption, I would like to think that he recognizes that moments like this are very rare and to be cherished, as kids grow up really fast.

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