WATCH: Prisoner Goes “Jason Bourne” on Jihadis, Steals AK-47 & Evens the Odds

Prisoner Goes Jason Bourne on Jihadis Steals AK-47 Evens the Odds

This may be the best footage I’ve ever seen.

In this video, provided by the U.K. Daily Mail, we get a rare glimpse into something we don’t often see: hostages refusing to comply.

Three men were forced on their knees while three other stood over them holding AK-pattern assault rifles (four, if you include the cameraman, who seems to have been armed).

They were stood up and marched to the ground that would presumably become their graves.

Enter: one very, very desperate man.

The prisoner on the right of the camera shot reverse head-butted one of his captors and and goes for his weapon. Outnumbered, he then went to battle with the entire jihadi detachment.

Watch it here:

Although the end cannot be deciphered with certainty and the Daily Mail had little to say about the video, we can infer a couple of things.

First of all, it appeared that the cameraman might have been hit. He could have simply dove for cover, but the hostage seems to have been doing well for himself — the fight lasted longer than one would expect, from the sound of continuing gunfire.

Not only that, but the sounds indicated that someone much closer to the cameraman felt that he had to open fire, or perhaps that was the cameraman himself.

Although we can only hope for the best for the hostage, it is unlikely he made good his escape. Regardless, what he did was incredibly brave, and going doing fighting is certainly a better death than being slaughtered with your hands tied behind your back.

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